We used to hug and say “Hi !”, but now, even our family members are saying bye from far away while leaving for work. The invisible monster came into existence and destroyed our happy, joyful and unworried lives….. "We are more frightened than hurt".
    Yes! the Corona virus has put us into complete fear. As of now, millions of people are suffering from this disease and thousands have died. Just before a few days, many experts from many states of our country said that the curve for number of infected will go on increasing and it will not even get flattened by May 3rd (when the current national lockdown ends). And they continue to predict that the curve might flatten in the month of September, when around 60% of our country’s population would have been affected.


The Corona virus started in China and spread to the entire world. Nobody has given the exact reason for the origin of this virus. Some say it has come from pangolins and some say it was born from bats. And another news is that it is spread from the Wuhan institute of virology. However, it is still not clear. The whole world is pointing towards China, who did not reveal to the world about Corona, soon after the virus started to spread. During its early days, China should have announced a lockdown at the Wuhan city and should have blocked all air travel. As they did not do it, thousands of people traveled across the world from China and the virus started spreading to most of the countries in the world.


Humanity is a great character that one can have. There are many who were striving hard to get their daily food during normal days. During this pandemic lockdown period, nobody should die because of hunger. It is our duty to ensure people around us are safe and healthy. Share safety accessories (masks, gloves etc) and food to those poor hungry people whom you find near you. If possible, try to give them confidence and help them to lead a normal life in these trying times. 
Don't forget to feed the animals around you. Many animals are dependent on food they get from us, like street dogs, birds, cat etc. Let us do our bit to ensure no living being gets affected adversely from this pandemic condition. 


The Indian Government announced the lockdown on 23rd March. How many of us promptly stayed at home? If you did stay back indoors, great! However, the news showed us that many gathered in houses of prayer, on the context of celebrating festivals or performing their daily prayers. People also rushed to the markets to hoard items needed in their homes. Each of these instances created risks for us and the community around us. We need to understand that these are our lives we are risking with by not obeying to Govt rules. The Govt could have implemented this lockdown using harsher modes of law and order, but, the Govt chose to request us to stay indoors and wanted us to behave responsibly.
Everybody must and should stay at home until lockdown period is completed. Let us view this lockdown as not one which the government imposed over us, but, is one which is necessary and hence, should be us who impose lockdown on ourselves. One main thing that everybody has to understand now is: "Until now our life was our responsibility. But, from now onwards everybody’s life is OUR responsibility." This is a community hazard and we need to fight it as a unified community. On a lighter note, please do what our caller ringtone says and stop spreading the monster virus.  


Of course, we can't sit at home and survive for the rest of our life. We must start work as soon as possible, to earn our livelihood. The Government will withdraw this lockdown as soon as possible if the Corona virus reduces its effect on our society. However, lifting of the lockdown doesn't mean that the Corona virus has disappeared. It will be a very long period of caution that we need to go through until a vaccine or a cure is found. The road ahead needs us to take much care after lockdown is lifted. It will be a harder life outside our homes than in our homes and would need tremendous amount of discipline and hygiene from each one of us. This virus has changed the way of living for all of us across the entire globe.  So, let us fight together to fight this corona virus and see to it that we end its effect on our planet. Other than wearing masks and cleaning our hands, there will be many more new things that we need to do. Read more in our next blog about how life at work would change, post the lockdown.


In certain cities, we had reached a position, where installing oxygen cylinders would have been the next thing. Now this virus benefited the world by reducing the pollution. In the view of all negatives from this virus, there are a few positives too and this is one big positive. Surveys are telling that the environmental pollutions are reducing day by day. The beautiful environment is slowly coming back to life everywhere. The mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh are quoted to be visible from Jalandhar (in Punjab, which is nearly 200 Km of visibility) after pollution dropped to its lowest levels in past 30 years. Birds are chirping, squirrels are running around and mother nature is back to its beauty now.
One view of this entire episode is that the environment was angry with us for putting it in. Environment is asking us to correct our life-styles for the mistake we did!!!

                                                                                                  - PRAVEEN S MURADI


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